What is the Intelligent Energy Lab?

Intelligent energy is focusing on managing energy more efficiently than ever before.

Demand for energy keeps growing worldwide, and the use of it must become more sustainable. At the same time there is a growing need for an expansion and modernisation of the existing energy infrastructure. This will require a systemic optimisation of the energy system.

Intelligent Energy Lab is an open platform – eager to invite and involve other companies, universities, institutes, and associate structures that care about efficient energy use, sustainability, and the modern city energy sector.

Intelligent Energy Lab
in the city of Vilnius

The ecosystem of Ideas

Guidelines of the early stage

district heating grids

A more efficient grid network

Surplus heat

Utilizing energy generated by buildings

Renewable energy resources

Development of green energy

District cooling

The most economical and green way to chill home

Smart Technologies

Next-gen tools for better customer
UI & UX and more effective processes 

Green data

Open data for information analysis and optimization 

Tons of saved CO2 in 10 years
after the initial stage of investments.

That is equal to:

homes electricity use for one year 

litres of gasoline consumed

ha forests in one year
(for reduction of CO2 emmisions)


What is the purpose of IEL?

IEL aim is to create an open platform for generating and developing intelligent energy ideas in the city of Vilnius

Who can join the IEL?

IEL is open for all parties interested in technology, innovation, and intelligent energy developments: members of the science, association, and business

What is the Vilnius city Board of Innovations?

Vilnius city board of innovations aims to offer an audible platform for all parties interested in technology, innovation, and intelligent energy developments and provide guidelines for ongoing projects.

Composition of the Board is made up of representatives from companies interested in creating and maintaining sustainable and intelligent energy


Are there any already running IEL projects?

Vilniaus šilumos tinklai already started some intelligent energy projects which correspond to the IEL concept:

  1. Pilot project for smart meters with NB-IoT technology;
  2. First clients of the Low-temperature district heating grids already received conditions for connection;
  3. Innovations agreement with Vilnius Gediminas Technical University regarding Low-Temperature heating in buildings;
  4. Consultations for sun energy cogeneration;
  5. Received funding for absorption heat pump project for collecting surplus heat from the heating gas emissions.
Who are the current IEL curators?

Intelligent Energy Lab founder is Vilnius city mayor Remigijus Šimašius.

Questions of coordination are being curated by Vilnius city deputy mayor Valdas Benkunskas.

For IEL direction and leadership is responsible CEO of Vilniaus šilumos tinklai Gerimantas Bakanas.

IEL project manager is Eglė Radvilė.

Other team members:

Deputy director of Vilnius city municipality  Adomas Bužinskas

Head of Energy division in Vilnius city municipality Ilja Karužis

Is there a deadline to join the IEL?

There is no deadline to join the Intelligent Energy Lab initiative; all new partners and ideas are welcomed for any time.

Join the Intelligent Energy Lab

…or you can reach us at [email protected]